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    2012 - 12.12

    So I’ve been rather lacking on the blog front for roughly the last 10 months. I’m gonna try to fix that. I spent most of yesterday cleaning up behind the scenes on the website. I deleted about 1200 spam posts (all comments are approved by me first, but still it’s time consuming.) I also had to run about 5 WordPress Updates since I was so far behind on that. Things are running much more smoothly now.

    On your right, you’ll see that I’ve added Amazon Ads. This gives me greater control over what folks see on here, so hopefully you’ll get stuff relevant to what I’m writing about, since that’s what you came for anyway.

    I’ve got some good stuff in the works for big time posts (along the lines of the Great Atlanta Fire and the old Candler Mansion) and I’m also gonna try to blog more about my everyday adventures. I don’t have quite as much free time to sit around and do nothing all day as I did in my previous job, but I’ll give it the old college try.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    -Biloxi Von Lutz

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